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Sunday, February 1, 2009

I Don't Watch The Superbowl

I can hear my neighbors screaming their heads off, and I am 99.99% positive that they are having a Superbowl party. It's really obnoxious. Every few minutes, the whole block can hear them going "Hoooooo hooooooo" and "waaaaaaaahhhhhhooooww" and "yeahyeahyeah-ohhhhhh..." It's driving me nuts.

I've never actually watched the Superbowl before. I don't even know how to play football, except that it involves an awkwardly-shaped ball, violent tackles, and shoulder pads.


eC said...

My brother is watching it downstairs.

I don't understand football at all.

Alan said...

Zobot- Who cares who won the Superbowl, you won the Robot Nine Picture Puzzle. Come pick out a book for a prizw.


Alan said...

Oh, yeah, where are you? LOL! Please e-mail me your address to and I will get your book to your right away!