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Monday, January 5, 2009

"Love is merely a madness" - Rosalind (As You Like It, Act III Scene II)

Love is madness in the sense that it causes people to act irrationally. Love is indefinable and abstract, but it rules our lives. It is powerful, tender, heart-wrenching, and often illogical. People have done crazy things for love, and will continue to do so as long as the emotion exists. There is probably a man in Wisconsin who is, at this very moment, preparing to declare his undying love to a woman he met at a self-help seminar last week. While jet planes write his message in the sky, he will run naked through the snow-covered streets dropping rose petals until he reaches her doorstep. At this point he will propose with a sparkling diamond ring which may not even fit her finger, because he guessed on the size when he purchased it at Macy’s the night before.

What in the world made him think that this was a good plan? The insanity of love no doubt caused him to become delusional and somehow believe that he could win her affections with his daring. Overwhelmed by love’s crushing grip, he lost his sanity and all sense of reason. Love likes to toy with our ability to think straight and make rational decisions. It enjoys reducing us to blabbering idiots full of adoration. Love itself is like a disease; it renders its victims helpless and woozy. Other common symptoms include flip-flopping sensations in the heart and stomach, increased pulse, breathlessness, speechlessness, blushing, giggling, and restlessness when one is separated from the object of his affection. There is a passionate longing, a carnal instinct, an aching hunger for this strange emotion called love. In the face of such animalistic desires, our human reasoning skills become obsolete and we become impulsive creatures.

Genuine, sweet love is arguably the most beautiful thing in the world. For people in love, their surroundings begin to lose all color, all sound, and all that matters is their love. It is their food and their drink. They lose their grip on reality and fall into their lovers’ eyes. In my opinion, even though it is unprofessional, this sounds like a mental disorder. To have such obsessive fixation on someone that one forgets to pay attention to everything else is surely a sign of insanity.

And yet, though love is madness, it is surely the best kind. Yes, it can make people do stupid things, such as run naked through snow for a near-stranger, but it also spreads compassion throughout the human race. A few dumb acts in the name of Love are a small price to pay for this most glorious madness.


eC said...

I applaud at your beautiful story.

But cringe at your use of a Midwestern man in your example.

... unfortunately, I could also see this happening.

Michael said...

"Ah, love. L-O-V-E, love."

I love love. And I think love loves me too because love just loves to make me me fall in it. The craziest thing I've ever done for love is... allow a girl to beat me at checkers...

As for the craziest things anyone has ever done to me out of love, let's just not go into detail. Uh, let's just say my head was buried in between some things...


Zoe said...

eC - Why, thank you. This is actually a piece I wrote for my English class, but I thought it was good enough to post here.

Michael - Checkers... that's cute. Did you notice how I used three dots instead of sixteen? And as for the head between things, let's not go there.