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Friday, January 16, 2009

Hello, Friday Night

It's been a while since I've written anything, my dears, because I've been stressing about finals. WHICH I FINISHED YESTERDAY whoooooooo!! And in my humble opinion, they went quite well.

I hate to brag about my brain power, but it's not often that I have the chance to, so please bear with me. I was pretty bright in elementary and middle school, but things are different now. At Lowell High, everyone is a genius, which makes me merely average.

But now I feel the need to shout out to the world that I, Zoe, received 100% on my Precalculus final! That sure made my day.

In other news, to celebrate the end of the semester and the end of Bush's presidency, my friends and I have decided to go sake bombing tonight. I'm super excited because this will be my first sake bomb experience.

I'm in a great mood. Things are looking up.


Michael said...

Yes, all of them are geniuses. It makes me merely average too. You deserve to feel good bout Precalculus. COngrats!

...Sake is the penultimate way to get drunk. Hope you have fun. :)


novice_blogger said...

Congrats on your precalculus score!
Be safe out there!

eC said...

I'm reading this entry with a feeling of jealousy because I still have 7 finals to get through, but also a feeling of excitedness because I know that at the end I'll feel like you.

Congrats on your precalc score!!

Oh and I tagged you here.

nonsocialmoth said...

much to celibate today it seems! congrats on the final!
unfortunately i didn't get to celibate Bush's last day like i planned to. :( But, i'm still all happy that he is done fudging things up.