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Friday, December 26, 2008

Perfect Presents and Gag-worthy Gifts

It doesn't seem right to say that Christmas is all about the presents, but it sort of is. Because I don't celebrate in the religious sense, I pretty much only look forward to getting cool stuff. This year, I raked in a handsome pile of awesomeness, with a handful of duds here and there.

Totally Sweet Gifts:
-gift card to Amoeba Music, one of the greatest stores on earth
-a one-year subscription to MAD Magazine
-two Beatles CDs (Hard Day's Night and The White Album), so I have almost completed my Beatles collection (I think I just need Meet The Beatles)
-Forbidden Knowledge, a book of "101 things not everyone should know how to do", including stage a coup, count cards, walk on hot coals, perform an exorcism, make moonshine, start a riot, become a porn star, and more...
-fuzzy plaid flanel PJ bottoms (toasty and cozy!!!)
- giant book of New York Times Sunday crosswords
-DVD of Pixar Studios' short films
-socks (I know these are usually considered very lame gifts, but I love socks. Especially if they are colorful, striped, fuzzy, have bunnies on them, or all of the above)
-cold hard cash, dough, moolah, cha-ching, money

"What were they thinking?!" Gifts:
-a mobile (sure, it's pretty, but come on... a mobile?)
-a nightlight (again, very cute, but not really a good gift for me)
-a rather tacky bracelet (I'll probably wear it anyway... hopefully it doesn't break as soon as I put it on)
-variety pack of pistachioes, peanut brittle, and dried apricots


Michael said...

Haha. I love how you mentioned variety pack of pistachioes, peanut brittle, and dried apricots last.

I received socks too, but I'm a guy, so I only deserve socks of black, gray and white colours.

If i received your presents, I would love the New York Times Sunday crosswords the most. I did one on the plane to China and completed it: all by myself. :)


Zoe said...

Pretty impressive to do a Sunday crossword all by yourself! Usually I have a little bit of help from my parents (dad if it involves literature, mum if it involves science or old film stars). I applaud your crossword skillz. Skillz with a Z of course.