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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Lay Down Your Weary Tune

As I procrastinate, watching the clock tick closer to present-opening time, I will amuse myself with this activity. It's simple. Put iPod on shuffle. Use song names to answer.

Oh, and I stole this from thumbsUpsmile's kickass blog.

The next time you stand up in front of a group of people, you'll say:
I Wish It Would Rain (The Temptations)
[Yup, that's me. Life of the party.]

Your favorite thing to say when drunk is:
Paranoid (Black Sabbath)
[Hah! Paranoid that the cops will come and bust me for underage drinking.]

Your message to the world:
Drive My Car (The Beatles)
[You heard me, drive that car! Now! At least, until I get my license.]

Your deepest secret:
Gran's For Tea (The View)
[I obviously kill old grandmothers and make them into tea. DELICIOUS tea.]

Your innermost desire:
300 M.P.H. Torrential Outpour Blues (The White Stripes)
[Geez, I seem to have a thing for rain, don't I?]

Somewhere in your wedding vows, you'll include:
Your Sweet Six Six Six (H.I.M.)
[Well isn't that nice... I'll always be your dear, sweet, maniacle 666]

On your deathbed, you'll whisper:
Muirshin Durkin (The Pogues)
[Some Irish-sounding mumbo jumbo that I will mumble in senility, causing everyone surrounding my deathbed to scratch their heads and look at each other questioningly.]

Your friends say behind your back:
Paulina (No Doubt)
[No doubt they've mistaken me for some slut named Paulina. Some friends they are.]

You say behind your friends' backs:
Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!! (Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds)
[This makes no sense at all. Since when were my friends reanimated corpses brought back to life by Jesus? And where are they digging to? China?]

When you wake up in the morning, you mutter:
Textbook (We Are Scientists)
[Either I've been having nightmares involving homework, or I've just figured out why my mattress is so goddam lumpy.]

If you found yourself lost on a desert island, you'd yell:
This Scene Is Dead (We Are Scientists)
[I guess that makes sense. If I'm the only person on the island, I think that scene could be classified as dead. Wow, two We Are Scientists songs in a row. That rarely happens, with all my music.]

Right now, your feelings are:
Son Of A Gun (Nirvana)
[... I don't get it.]

What's your excuse for posting this:
Before I Forget (Slipknot)
[I gotta post it. In case it slips my mind tomorrow.]

Your life's soundtrack:
Untitled (Bauhaus)
[Oooooohh... lady of mystery.]

The day you fall in love will be the day that:
Rip Her To Shreds (Blondie)
[Oh dear! Well, at least I'll know when I fall in love, because pieces of flesh will start detaching themselves from my body. I'll be on the lookout.]

You scream during sex:
I Feel Better All Over (Johnny Cash)
[Oh, this is too perfect. No explanation required.]

What do people assume when they first look at you?
Doginabag (The Fratellis)
[Hmph. A dog in a bag, eh? I guess that could be interpreted as a bag full of bitchiness. Or the carcass of a dog in a sack. I was not aware that I gave off such bad vibes. Or bad smells.]

What will be a big challenge in life for you?
Saturday Night (Kaiser Chiefs)
[Shit! Do you know how many of those I'm going to have to endure for the rest of my life?? Unless I luck out and the challenge ends up being something along the lines of "getting the party started on Saturday night". Because you all know my middle name is partystarter.]

Are you a good boyfriend/girlfriend?
Soul Meets Body (Death Cab For Cutie)
[... I'll take that as a yes.]

Do you have a secret admirer?
California (Copeland)
[Yes. The entire population of California secretly admires me. I knew it!]

Will you ever become maniacally depressed in your life?
Smile Like You Mean It (The Killers)
[I think that's a yes, because my therapist will have to keep telling me to smile like I mean it.]

How will you die?
With A Little Help From My Friends (The Beatles)
[What?!?! I'm so not hanging out with them anymore.]

Is someone trying to kill you?
The Surrey With The Fringe On Top (Oklahoma!)
[They're out there in the darkness... waiting... seated in that little surrey with the fringe on top. They're going to run me over the next chance they get.]

What's for dinner tonight?
Nymphetamine Fix (Cradle of Filth)
[Yummy, my favorite!!]

Your farewell message to the readers of this:
Know Your Rights (The Clash)
[How fitting. And true. Know your rights, as there will be a quiz next week.]


Michael said...

I'm listening to 'Destroyer' by The Kinks. Good playlist, Zoe, good playlist.

What have we established here?

You're a paranoid grandmother killer, uh... You'll marry a demon from Hell... You have nightmares about homework... Yours friends intend to kill a person called Paulina... And California loves you even though you're a smelly bag of bitchiness.

I'll do this when I get back. Seems fun.

Hope you're enjoying the food and sleep this holiday.


thumbsUpsmile said...

Bahaha, Michael basically just said everything I wanted to.

My mom had to ask if I was ok after I feel off of my chair from laughing. :)

Have a great 25th of December!

Alan said...

Hey, was hoping you get a chance to come to Robot Nine and play the Picture Puzzle today.


Zoe said...

Thanks for the comments, guys!

Michael - You pretty much summed it up. And I am enjoying food and sleep very much this holiday. Today I almost slept in until noon.

thumbsUpsmile - Hope you are okay. Falling off chairs is dangerous if one does not wear proper safety gear(helmet, knee pads, shin guards, etc.)

Alan - I'm so disappointed! By the time I got to your blog, someone had already put down what I would have guessed. And I was wrong, anyway. Maybe next time...