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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thizzle and Drank

Last night, my friends and I went to a dance called the "Thanksgiving Thizzle". Once a year, the Irish Cultural Center by the beach holds the Thizzle, which has no chaperones and no breathalyzers. (In the spring they have the "Spring Slapper".) So tons of high schoolers go and get shitfaced and dance like hoes, blah blah blah you get the picture. This year I made a conscious decision not to get drunk. KIDDING. Actually, we ran out of vodka before I was properly wasted. But I suppose it's all for the better. At last year's Slapper, I drank myself silly on tequila, which would probably have been okay, except then I had straight up vodka. MIXING = BAD. To make a long story short, I got super drunk, could barely walk, arrived at the dance, wanted to dance, failed at dancing, fell down numerous times, tried to dance with some ugly guy who then (according to my friends) tried to feel me up, got rescued by my friends, taken to the hallway, where I threw up, then got taken to the bathroom, where I passed out. It was my first time drinking to the point of either puking or blacking out. 

Anyway, I didn't really want to repeat that experience, and we also only had enough vodka for each person to have a couple gulps, so it was a pretty tame night. When we got to the dance, I met up with N (which is what I will now call the freshman from my earlier post, with whom I am now going out with). I was freakin' cold, because we came from the beach (some of my friends were stopped by cops, who ordered them to empty out their entire bottle of Grey Goose. They're lucky not to have been arrested. But we got scared, so we went to the beach to avoid the po-po) so N (who is hot both literally and figuratively) became my own personal heater. It was muchos sweet. We hooked up on the floor.

p.s. Thanksgiving tomorrow! I'm very excited to eat my  vegan mango-marinated tofu. My tofu will be the envy of my ham/turkey-eating family. 


Robot Nine said...

Hi Zoe. Glad you joined the Robot Nine followers, always good to have another robot on board!Nice playlist. I was wondering did your ham and turkey eating family really envy your vegan tofu delight, hmmmm? I respect the vegan way, and it is kind of horrible what happens to animals, but being Texan well... we had turkey. I figure if a turkey, pig, or chicken were bigger than me, it would be me on the plate. Have a great day. Alan

Robot Nine said...

Hey, you aren't old enough to drink, Thizzle girl. Check out my post - The Voices if Shrek.