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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Kind of Important Announcement

I'm going vegan.

To make a long story short, I was writing an essay for English on factory farming and I did some research... it was repulsive. I really have no desire to eat dairy or eggs any more.

I've been wanting to make the leap from vegetarian to vegan for a while, but I didn't think I could survive without cheese. Then I found out about rennet, and I felt like throwing up. So I think I'm ready to go cheese-free.

I'm still going to eat honey, though. At least for now. Bees aren't factory farmed like cows and chickens, as far as I know. Well, if they are let me know and I'll stop eating honey immediately.

Anyhoo, I would greatly appreciate your moral support while I attempt this dietary experiment.


Adam James Nall said...

How interesting, I've just been researching 'rennet' for my next article (which should go up tomorrow). It's going to be on the cultural/linguistic origins of cheese (amoungst other things). Good luck with the veganism and thanks very much for following De Factoids!



p.s. I belive it is possible to get non-animal sourced rennet substitute, so I assume there is a cheese out there which caters to that need. A

nonsocialmoth said...

You GO Girl! I just became a pesco myself.
good luck with the vegan thing.
also thanks for being my first follower!

Zoe said...

Thanks, guys.

Adam: I went on a vegan shopping spree today and bought soy cheese. It's completely rennet-free, but I'm pretty nervous about eating it. I hear it tastes funky. Also, I read your cheese post and found it very funny. Are you a Wallace and Gromit fan? The whole cheese-and-crackers thing reminded me of W&G.

nonsocialmoth: Yay pescos!! That was me about a year ago...

Much love,