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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Holes in My Tights

I hate this!!!
I have holes in the toes of my tights, and they are driving me crazy. I mean, these are a perfectly great pair of stockings, except for the fact that my big toes stick out. They're getting all cold and lonely out there. I also have holes in the thighs because when I swing my metal lunch box past my leg it rips the fabric. Ever since my dad stepped on the poor lunch pail, it's had this sharp corner. I keep forgetting to hold my lunch box away from my body, so I've got gashes on all my tights in exactly the same place.

My mom is making my Halloween costume right now. I was planning on making it, but she got really excited so I thought I would let her do it. She really loves sewing projects. I guess I'll humor her. Anyway, it's turning out really cute. (I'm going as a French Kiss, in case you didn't read my previous post.)

In other recent news, my friends and I have decided to go man-hunting. That sounds a wee bit savage, doesn't it? Okay, how's this: we're going on a quest for potential boyfriend material. Or perhaps just a casual hookup. I'm not feeling to picky either way right now. Wish me luck in this endeavor.

I've got to go finish my US History outline now.

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Anonymous said...

Hi..What sort of tights are they please..?