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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A Completely Unbiased Account of the Third Presidential Debate

Except not at all, because I really don't like John McCain.

Right... so... the debate.
I was struck by the contrast between the candidates.
While Senator Obama spoke with poise, directed his words toward his opponent, and listened respectfully, Senator McCain was quite fidgety, like he had to pee Really bad. I also noticed that when he wasn't speaking, he was making odd faces at the camera, combinations of grimaces and pained grins and weird eyebrow movements. It was kind of freaking me out.

I just changed my mind about writing a record of the whole debate. I'm not really in the mood for that sort of thing. Go watch it on Youtube or something, because I just remembered that I'm four days behind on my precalculus homework. Sucks to be me.


thumbsUpsmile said...

haha, well I'm afraid the real answer isn't worth ten whole minutes of pondering :)

but he just captured the right parts of breakdancing moves.

ohshiznit, i was planning on watching the debate, but i heard Obama won!

Zoe said...

breakdancing?! WoooOooOOOooOOoowww.

Obama totally won.