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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Doing The Time Warp

So, basically my friend and I decided to make a video. It's my first time using Windows Movie Maker, so I apologize if the quality seems a little shoddy.

This is my debut of myself doing the RiffRaff kick. Check it out. It's a little intense, so prepare yourself for my kick-ass kicking dance moves.



"The Time Warp" from Rocky Horror Picture Show, as performed by Zoe and Kyra.

1 comment:

Dano MacNamarrah said...

Thanks for the video, it creased me! It's great to see young women enjoying themselves without fear.

I glommed down to your post about all the classes you're taking. Good show. I was a complete cock-up in High School, but I took so many classes that when my 'rents said that they were moving to Buffalo, I was able to graduate in my Junior year.

I had only to take a summer class of English, to fulfill my requirements. It was in Buffalo. I'd been an Ap and honours kid, and here I was with a bunch of kids that'd failed basic English. A rediculous waste of time.

Keep having a good time and doing the Time Warp.