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Sunday, August 17, 2008

"People don't change. For example, I'm gonna keep on repeating 'people don't change.'" - Gregory House

Okay. First of all, I love House. The bitchy, antisocial doctor is a supremely unlikable character, but I adore him anyway. With September drawing near, I'm getting that feeling of excitement in the pit of my stomach. No, it's not lupus. It's season 5 of House!

After the crazy season 4 finale (involving a bus crash, a trip into House's memory, and Cuddy in a slutty schoolgirl outfit) which ended with the death of the beloved Cutthroat Bitch Amber, I'm dying to find out what happens next. I can predict that there will be a huge rift between House and Wilson. After all, if House hadn't been out at Sharrie's getting shitfaced, Amber wouldn't have had to go pick him up, and she never would have been on the bus. Wilson probably has good reason for being pissed at his friend. Fortunately for me, since I can't imagine a rift between House and his only friend, Hugh Laurie has hinted at an uncharacteristically un-House-y reconciliation. Yay!

I'm also rooting for House to finally get it on with Cuddy, as I am a little tired of their unspoken sexual tension. And lastly, I am looking forward to the usual combination of wacky medical cases and jerkishness that is one of my favorite shows.


thumbsUpsmile said...

Dude, totally radical that we have so much in common! (That was my example of surfer speak, but I live in Minnesota, so what do I know?)
Thanks for the comment.

By the way; I'm just getting into House and I'm liking it so far!

thumbsUpsmile said...

You're joking right?
Haha, what nationality are you? If you're Korean, then I'll scream. :)
My ex-boyfriend was half-Asian so we're that much closer!!
But seriously, come on... I'm not necessarily saying that the second one was the best out of the four, but I liked it the most.
(Oh wait, did I say it was the best?... I can't remember)
So what colleges have you looked at?