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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Meet Dottie

This is my lovely snake Dottie Spottie, Dottie for short. She lives in my dining room. Isn't she cute?

When I was little, I always wanted a dog or a cat. Something furry and warm to keep me company. (I also used to want a pet unicorn, but that's a different story.) My parents insisted that the responsibility of a fuzzy animal was too much, and they got me a snake as consolation.

My first snake, Spottie Dottie, was black and white: a beautiful combination in corn snakes. I called her Spottie for short. She had been with us less than a year when she began to develop a stomach problem. An eating disorder. Bulimia, if you will. She couldn't hold down her meals, and she died shortly after. That was about ten years ago, but even now I can recall that I was inconsolable.

Thankfully, my Dottie has been with us since I was in elementary school, and should still be alive when I am in college. I love her. Those of you who have a fear or dislike of all things snaky should seriously reconsider. It is a common misconception that snakes are wet and slimy. In fact, their scales are cool and smooth to the touch. Dottie is neither venomous nor aggressive; in her whole life she has nipped me once, and only because she was hungry and impatient for her dinner.

I like to take her out and play with her, just like any other pet owner might. She enjoys crawling around and exploring the world around her. Because she is cold-blooded and gets heat from her surroundings, she likes slithering on people, particularly people with warm necks. It tickles like a bitch, if you are as ticklish as I am, but I let her do it anyway because I adore her so much. She seems to almost have a personality, a playful, childlike curiosity that makes her want to go up my sleeves.

So you've met Dottie. She's very pleased to meet you, too.


maya said...

Great post! i really enjoyed it is every interesting! i love your snake..
keep posting

thumbsUpsmile said...

I've never been the hugest fan of snakes... but now I'm a bit more interested in them. :)

By the way, I like your likes and dislikes!

Zoe said...

thanks for being my first commenters, guys. appreciate it :]